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As the youngest of five sibblings, I had to alwys take what was left after my sisters and brothers. My parents wasn't poor but not rich either. We had a normal life I would say. Except that I grew tired of always receiving old clothes and books all the time. I do not blame my parent but at one time in my pre teens, I was fed up and all I could think of was to be able to be in more control of my life and what would become of me. After some confused years I was told by my grand mother that there was a long line of witches in our family tree. At first I didn't realize that it could mean that the same powers on day could be mine, as it had belonged to my ancestors for so long.

I was a fast learner and it took me not more then 6 months to fully master attraction spells. I had so many admirers (I wasn't particulary good looking) so I knew it was the spells.

Nowadays I am happily married to a man who tried to run from me but with a little persuation you can get what you want 😉 I haven't told our children yet what many is and what they can become if they one day choose to.

My saga continues soon…



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Moon Dreamer by Nene Thomas