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Wiccan magic spells and old ways

I have been working with magic and spells for the last 30 years. I started learning from my Grand mother who was a wiccan high-priestess in a coven. She told me the ways and how to create love spells for my friends. That’s how I got hooked into spells and wiccan magic! Is this the first time you are here? First time reading about magic? Why don’t you read more about the basics here.

 magick wiccan love spells 

Moon Dreamer by Nene Thomas

So whats going on here on the site? Latest added spells are:

  • Love spell to bring someone closer
  • Money spell for scratch tickets
  • Change eye color spell

Also I can recommend that you read about how to become a wiccan.

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What is Witchcraft?

It is quite surprising that Witchcraft continues to be considered as an evil deed, even in this modern world. It is also believed that people practicing this faith worship either the underworld or the devil. However, this is the farthest one can get from the truth. Just like any other aspect of life, a few bad points can be present almost anywhere. But that does not mean that one should shun the entire faith as an evil path.

In totality, Witchcraft is an extremely fun and gentle faith. One will never come across any practitioners of this faith making efforts to convert you to Wicca. They are content in going about their rituals in their own unique ways. If any one wishes to join the practice, they are not judged in any manner and are welcomed warmly. Besides this, one is not forced to discard one’s previous beliefs to carry out this faith. You can take your time and make up your mind. Also, this faith can be worked upon at one’s own home; there is no need to join a coven.

The practice of witchcraft is based on Nature and completely correlates with it. It does not involve any black magic. It is true that magic is involved, but this is the magic of the universe. It strongly believes that no plant, animal or human must be harmed in the process of the rituals.

The reality is totally contradictory to what one watches in the movies. In reality, witches don’t fly on brooms or change their form. They cannot resurrect the dead. An inverted pentagram is not witchcraft’s symbol. It is quite sad that people believe everything that they watch in movies. In fact, the symbol of witches is an upright pentagram in which each edge represents an element of nature, that is, water, fire, wind, earth and yourself.

An ignorant person can be considered to be dangerous for himself as well as for everyone around him. So before criticizing another faith, it is important that one does proper research. After they do that, they can voice their opinion. There is a large number of websites dedicated to the subject of witchcraft. So it is better if one reads up and gets information before judging a religion or faith.

Want to be glamorous, try out our Wiccan beauty spell

Are you dull looking? Are you the like the ugly duckling? You might have tried out all scientific medicines to become good looking but all your hard work and money went to vain, and left you in pain, with no one beside you and no one to guide you and show you results.

Then here is what I can suggest, start believing in magic and keep faith, now once you have faith learn some beauty spell, and make yourself a good looking blond. You might have been wondering now on how is this possible and whether beauty spell would work on you or not, answer to this is yes, beauty spell would work on you and on anyone who would spell them correctly and do it with the correct method and in the correct time.

Beauty spell are of different kind, like those for a good skin, those for a good physical structure, those which are used to keep you always young, and some used to keep oneself glamorous forever. You need to decide on which one are you looking for.

Once you decide on which beauty spell you would be looking for, then the first thing that you need at this point of time is the right tools to perform the spell, you would get all the required items in a magic shop, gather them all together and then wait for the right time, when the clock stuck the right time, then perform your beauty spell, as under using the items you bought, at times some items may not be required or might be that the item required is in your house for daily use, like a mirror. So what are you waiting for perform the beauty spell and make yourself a beauty queen and glamorous forever.

Spell to enchant:-
“Oh powers of nature I beseech you
Make me as beautiful as you
Listen to me and grant my wish
Oh powers of universe I beseech you.